Keizo Funatsu and Yasue Okimoto in the Forbidden City, Beijing, May 1990. Photo: Cynthia Mueller

Think South: How We Got Six Men and Forty Dogs Across Antarctica

Chapter 5: Yasue

How much Yasue was growing and changing through prolonged exposure to us was hard to tell. But she pierced her ears. She persuaded Cynthia to pull out old anatomy textbooks and explain the facts of life. She began to drink wine with dinner because, she explained simply, it made her feel good.


Video: Beautiful drone's-eye view of the coastal waters of Western Antarctica, where the expedition began.

Video: Typical radio contact from the tent:  Dahe on the radio to the Great Wall Station (minute 5:06), an excerpt from the French feature film.

Website: Argos satellite system today, a network service specifically for international research.