Think South: How We Got Six Men and Forty Dogs Across Antarctica

Trans-Antarctica team member Qin Dahe from the People's Republic of China. ©Trans-Antarctica-Per Breiehagen

Chapter 4: Qinke and Her Husband

The outside world ceased to exist. Dahe slept beside her in the grim hall. He was there to hold her hand and feed her soup. He was there to badger the doctors into repairing the damage and assessing her chances of walking again. There was little hope. Determined to stay behind should she be paralyzed, Dahe sat by Qinke's bed, smoking endlessly, watching the hours tick away. Beyond the tiny dark window, Antarctica began to recede from view.


Video: excerpts from the French feature-length film, including Dahe collecting ice samples (minute 5:04).

Video: English-language portrait of Qin Dahe on the occasion of winning the Volvo Environment Prize in 2013. Excellent description of his research and influence.

Video: Qin Dahe speech on the role of glaciers and poles in the earth system, 2013 (in English)

Website: "Climate change will increase the danger of war," the Nobel Peace Prize explained, in awarding the prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Vice President Al Gore in 2007. Qin Dahe has been a leader in the IPCC for many years.

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