Think South: How We Got Six Men and Forty Dogs Across Antarctica

Chapter 13: Mr. Li

“There was a great chaos in Beijing. The streets were jammed with people. We gave up completely trying to travel by bicycle. Everything was so uncertain, we never knew if the streets would stay open another day. I was afraid that if I left my office to go home, I would not be able to get back again through the crowds, or maybe the army would close my route. So I just stayed.”

“You stayed.” I repeated. “You lived in the office?”

“I slept on the floor by the telex so I could hear you day or night. I knew that if I lost contact with you at such a critical time, Dahe would never go on the expedition.”


Website: Tiananmen Square Fast Facts, CNN photos of 1989 uprising 


Li Zhangsheng tracks our silk purchases on his hand. Lanzhou, China, May 1990. Photo: Cathy de Moll