Think South: How We Got Six Men and Forty Dogs Across Antarctica, by Cathy de Moll

Foreword by Will Steger

Think South is an intimate portrait of the remarkable characters and events that form the backstory to the 1989-90 International Trans-Antarctica Expedition - the first unmechanized crossing of Antarctica - written by the expedition's executive director. 

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“Cathy de Moll shows how a smart, capable woman can finesse the challenges of the hypermasculine world of extreme adventure. Her sketches bring a truly astonishing collection of personalities to life, and they show how she provided the vital connections to make it work—by asking questions, making friends, listening, standing her ground, and seeing the humor in the chaos around her. I am an outdoor adventure enthusiast and I couldn't put the book down.” 
- Miriam Nelson, founder and director, StrongWomen Initiative, and author of Strong Women Stay Young and three other New York Times bestselling books

Library Journal: "If the logistics behind an expedition across Antarctica doesn't sound as riveting as the expedition itself, think again. International intrigue, backroom deals, late-night memos, and the possibility of unwittingly stranding friends in Antarctica make this a compelling read for armchair travelers and those interested in Antarctica and international relations. Those who recall the expedition or have read the firsthand accounts, will find this entry especially fascinating."

"...A stirring read that gives readers appreciation for the diplomacy, fundraising and logistics behind a major expedition... a memoir with warmth and heart." Minneapolis StarTribune

"...a great read: it is as much a nostalgic recounting of a bygone era as it is an edge-of-your-seat adventure tale." Outside Magazine

"...reads like a nail-biting and sometimes-humorous novel. De Moll structures "Think South" around individuals, giving the book a warmth and immediacy with wonderful descriptions of these players from various cultures." St. Paul Pioneer Press

"This immensely readable account hinges on the delicious details of history..." Minnesota Monthly: Books to Give This Holiday.

"Cathy de Moll describes the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that made this trip possible amid a backdrop of turbulent weather, even more stormy geopolitics and logistics in a world before instant communications. As the executive director of the trip, de Moll managed one of history’s great outdoor adventures in world that has since vastly changed." MinnPost